airbag compatible show coat

Pair with the Zip'in 2 Airbagy by HELITE for the perfect fit. Style and comfort combined with safety.

Equestrian disciplines are marked by tradition and in many of these disciplines the riders wear tailored, sophisticated outfits. However, the impact of rider safety has been felt heavily in the sport the past few years and it’s no secret that horseback riding comes with its risks.

An airbag safety vest has provided a significant increase in rider safety and injury reduction. While of course there is no guarantee, the added safety element has gained popularity throughout the showjumping world.

Style and safety

Meet Equiline’s first ever safety compatible show coat, where we have successfully mastered the traditional, tailored look with an added safety element.
This ultra-light show coat is everything you could ever ask for with Equiline’s quality standards and an excellent fit. Easily zip in the Zip’in 2 Airbag by HELITE with the zip all-around for perfect compatibility. This coat is constructed with elastic and resistant material that enhance ergonomics, discretion and elegance. The end result- A must have show coat that combines style and comfort with protection and safety.

Get ready

To be amazed

Zip'in Technology

Zip vest directly in to show coat

4-way stretch

Stretchy yet resilient fabric expands with vest and returns to original shape.

Perforated Fabric

For added breathability and stretch.


Fits under show coat for a classic look.

Easy zip in design

You may be wondering, how does the zip-in vest work with our coat? It’s so simple you have to see it to believe it! The coat has been designed with a zip all-around for perfect compatibility with the Zip’in 2 Airbag by HELITE. Once the vest is zipped in the coat is secured with a zip and buttons, for a double closure, and the leash is pulled through a ready-made exit hole to attach while riding.

B MOVE Bonded and Perforated Fabric

Equiline’s airbag compatible show coat is made with our B-Move bonded and perforated fabric that provides an ultra-light feel to the rider for all day comfort. Most airbag coats can feel heavy, but our unlined, bi-elastic design provides maximum comfort and remains breathable in all weather conditions.

An added feature to this one of a kind airbag safety compatible show coat is the option to customize the collar with Alcantara or Satin. You can truly make your coat look one of a kind with this feature!