Introducing EQODE…

EQUILINE has recently announced its brand-new, vibrant secondary line proudly named EQODE by Equiline.

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EQUILINE has recently announced its brand-new, vibrant secondary line proudly named EQODE by Equiline.

Introducing EQODE... 1

Giorgio Armani has Emporio Armani

Ralph Lauren has Polo

Marc Jacobs has Marc by Marc Jacobs

And the list goes on … High-end, luxury fashion houses have leveraged the art of introducing secondary lines to reach a broader clientele without compromising their reputation for decades. Likewise, Equiline with a well established first line now joins the ranks adding Eqode as their second line. Designed to connect to a larger audience, by combining the best of EQUILINE’s famous fit and performance; plus making new statements of its own, results in highly desirable and sought-after products.

EQUILINE’s primary design team has made the designs simple, the introduction of new colors fun, trendy, and yes, the fabrics oh so comfortable and high-performance. The price tag is unique, and noticeably less than comparable EQUILINE styles. 

Eqode fits well, feels good and has enough stretch to keep you looking your best while performing comfortably.  There’s nothing complicated about the equation; quality clothing, better prices equals exceptional outcome.

Go on… #ridethecode

A few of our favorites...

Rose Red

The fun and flirty new rose red color is featured in Eqode’s coordinating sportswear and loungewear pieces. The crew neck sweatshirts, T-shirts, polos, hoodies and ball caps all showcase this fun pop of color. Partner rose red in more styles made for your horse.

Breeches with Knee Grip

Hunters and jumpers alike, will love the Eqode breech with knee grip in beige, navy blue, gray and white. These are go-to breeches, by EQUILINE made with high performance fabric and stretch that won’t give up on you. The knee grip system is supportive, yet subtle. Great seams and clever details.

SHow coats

For men & women, these show coats are where style meets function in Navy and Black, and the understatement is the best statement. Lightweight, pliable, breathable, and washable fabric with beautiful stitch work and detailing.

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