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Equiline has its roots in the culture of Italian fashion and design, with a thirty-year heritage that is a symbol of innovation and quality in the world of horse riding. Our headquarters are in the province of Padua, where we started out and it’s still where the main collection and the iconic products are designed and created today. The Style department is all about research, innovation and continuous cross-referencing with the world of fashion. The close collaboration with the Product department allows us to create a perfect union between technical and fashion requirements, mixing the most innovative fabrics and materials with a trendy taste, never losing sight of maximum comfort.

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the dress code

In recent years, Equiline has evolved not only in technology and products but also in style, introducing three capsule collections to meet different tastes: Capsule EVOLUTION is dedicated to neo-classical men and women who represent the evolution of traditional style in a modern reality. Capsule CONTEMPORARY for men and women who are constantly looking for all that is modern, technological, innovative, clean, essential, dynamic and active. Capsule GLAMOUR, a style at home in the female world with precious, bright and bold details, baroque motifs, transparencies, everything shouts attractiveness.


At Equiline, we are proud of our direct relationships with customers. Thus, we love to involve them in the creative process, affording them the chance to express their imagination.  Jackets, tailcoats, team clothing, saddle pads and bonnets are just some of the items that can be fully customized.  Then there are the colors of jacket collars and buttons, and of pocket seams and flaps, the number and color of the cords and braids in the saddle pad, team initials embroidered on tops and team accessories.  With Equiline, everything is customizable.  Being creative has never been simpler!

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But the involvement of our customers in the creation of a unique and distinctive look is also extended to the horses, with customizations of under-saddles, bonnets, blankets, harnesses with personal logos or of one’s own team. The color of the ropes, the number of braids and the initials of the team in the under-saddles, logos and embroidery on the blankets, every single decoration is crafted to offer the rider unique and high-quality customizations.

The same attention is given to the accessories for the stall set up, to offer, even in moments of rest and when away from the competition field, the same distinctiveness that is a must for every rider and every team in their competitive activities.

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