X-CEL STIRRUPS with easy breakaway foot release system


The X-CEL stirrup designed by Equiline was born from 30 years of experience in the equestrian world. Designed with an innovative safety system, featuring a side opening. The opening/closing system facilitates the release of the foot in case of need, at the same time allowing you to replace the foot quickly. The inclined footbed guarantees an excellent balance for the rider. Innovative technology and safety come together with an ergonomic design and an active style, satisfying the needs of all the riders.

Designed by Equiline for Jumping and Dressage, the X-CEL safety stirrups are available in 8 different color options.

Riders can customize their X-CEL to their own distinctive style by simply snapping on colorful covers through a simple interlocking mechanism. Covers are available for purchase by themselves and not exclusively together with the stirrups, enabling your riders to swap colors on one stirrup set. Cover color options include black glitter, crystal glitter, gold glitter, glossy total black, tricolor Italian flag logo.