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Titanium bits, stirrups & spurs


Design and timeless elegance, innovation and technology, heritage and Made in Italy. The Equiline skillful tailoring meets the research of innovative and high-performance materials to create cutting-edge riding apparel granting to the rider the maximum comfort with a touch of Italian style. Discover our collection for competition, training and lifestyle.

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Equiline’s story is made of experience, research and Italian design. Equiline’s story is made of love for horses. Every single product is the result of a deep knowledge of textile fibers and the study of the horses’ needs. Equiline strongly believes in the importance of the choice of technical, breathable and natural fabrics in order to realize horse apparel which pays attention to the horse’s health.

saddle division

Each Equiline’s saddle and accessory is the result of a careful craftsmanship, strictly Made in Italy, in which traditional techniques and heritage combine with the research of technological materials and precious leathers.

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