Equiline Universe

History 1

Equiline since 1989

Equiline was founded in the province of Padua in 1989 by two brothers, Paolo and Renato Marchetto. Ever since they were young, they nurtured a great love for horses, a love which grew daily and which led them to take part in their first riding competitions.

History 2

the first big steps

The brothers, who have been supplying fashion brands since the 1970s, combined their passion and expertise to create the ACS System, the world’s first saddle pad made of natural fibers and highly breathable padding, with excellent shock absorption. Paolo continued along the journey of the new-born three-horses brand, three being the number of horses its creators had, and the Italian flag, to emphasize the strong Italian identity and its core values. They were the first in the sector to realize that such testimonials as Michel Robert and Nick Skelton would contribute to making the brand an icon worldwide. Today, Equiline is internationally established, with over 800 stores in more than 60 countries.

History 3

Over 30 years of heritage

Innovation has always been in the very blood of the Equiline team, dedicated as it is to the research and development of new products and technologies for both horses and riders. We have become a benchmark brand, with collections dedicated to jumping, dressage, hunting and complete, today our range includes a main competition collection for men, women and children, and clothing lines that can be customized for riders and teams. A ‘unique and distinctive lifestyle’, with collections dedicated to competition and leisure, and to the lifestyle trends of the equestrian world: Contemporary, Evolution and Glamour.

History 3
History 5

little Big revolutions

Equiline’s Saddle Division was born from the same desire to innovate, in cooperation with a team of professional veterinarians and osteopaths. Elegance and all-Italian style, blend in a skillful, innovative way that it proud of its high-level craftsmanship, to create a much sought-after saddles collection. With its quality, naturally-tanned leathers, the new Coreshield technology of the tree, with shock-absorbing inserts to ensure optimal comfort for both horse and rider, introduces a new construction philosophy inspired by respect for the horse and comfort of the rider: a saddle for both.