Elevating equestrian safety.

Equestrian disciplines are marked by tradition and in many of these disciplines the riders wear tailored, sophisticated outfits. However, the impact of rider safety has been felt heavily in the sport the past few years and it’s no secret that horseback riding comes with its risks.

EQUILINE prides itself on producing products with the best interest of horse and rider in mind. Safety and wellbeing are an utmost concern. As such, EQUILINE Srl is pleased to announce it has entered into a distribution agreement with the AllShot brand of protective bodywear. AllShot is an innovative French company which develops and manufactures PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for equestrian and motorcycle sports combining safety, style, and comfort in their product design.

An airbag safety vest has provided a significant increase in rider safety and injury reduction. While of course there is no guarantee, the added safety element has gained popularity throughout the showjumping world.

AllShot air vest styles BELAIR, OXAIR and KID are approved by the AFNOR NF S72-800-2022 standard; criteria governing the design and production of airbag vests specifically used in equestrian sport. NF S72-800-2022 measures release speed, protection coverage and impact rates.

AllShot air vest styles BELAIR, OXAIR and KID are approved by the AFNOR NF S72-800-2022 standard; criteria governing the design and production of airbag vests specifically used in equestrian sport. NF S72-800-2022 measures release speed, protection coverage and impact rates.

EQUILINE Air Vests by AllShot combine air inflation technology with the D3O impact protector; to increase the level of potential protection. D3O®, a patented and proprietary technology, which offers the thinnest, most advanced protection against impact, is used worldwide by soldiers, professional athletes, industrial workers, and the like to provide high shock absorbing properties. All three air vest styles offered by EQUILINE contain the D3O® Viper Pro back protector which is certified to exceed the performance requirements of EN1621-2:2014, Level 2.

Equiline Safety Vest 1


Unisex Comfort: Engineered for all riders

Performance Material: Made of Cordura stretch, this vest prioritizes comfort with a 3D mesh lining for enhanced breathability.

Safety at its Core: With a mechanical release by cable and the option for reusable CO2 cartridge replacement, the air vest offers comprehensive protection against hyper flexion, hypertension, and safeguards the back, thorax and sides.

Innovative Design: Features a level 1 D30 back protector and rapid inflation in less than 80ms.



Equiline Safety Vest 2



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2-year Warranty covers manufacturing defaults.

Warranty becomes void if user substitutes components with other branded items; only AllShot branded accessories should be used with the Air Vest to include CO2 canister replacements, lanyards, keyball, piston and corresponding parts.Improper maintenance and service of the vest will void the warranty.

If an Air Vest is damaged during use or via a fall, the user can send photos to EQUILINE Srl for an opinion to determine if repair is an option or if the Air Vest should be replaced.

AllShot, EQUILINE Srl, EQUIILINE America and parties in the distribution and supply chain cannot be responsible for incident caused by an Air Vest or PPE device that is not properly maintained and serviced by the user.


Always pack your Air Vest to lie flat. Folding the D3O back protector can harm its functionality. Be aware that regardless of TSA rulings each air carrier has their own regulations for traveling with CO2 cartridges for Air Vests. Be sure to check with your air carrier prior to planning to travel by air with an Air Vest.

EQUILINE strives to offer top quality performance equipment for equestrians, yet the Air Vests cannot offer complete protection from injury or death. The rider wears the Air Vests at their own risk and must always be sure to ride safely and responsibly.


While EQUILINE’s goal is to provide as much protection for the rider as possible, all horseback riding and equestrian activities are inherently dangerous and involve the risk of severe injury or death.  AllShot air vests cannot protect against all injuries, and as such there is no guarantee of complete protection from all possible injuries. Accordingly, all users or wearers, expressly accept that EQUILINE America, EQUILINE Srl and all affiliated distribution agents are not responsible for any injury incurred in accordance with use of the Air Vests BELAIR, OXAIR and/or KID.

By use or purchase of the Air Vest from EQUILINE America or any affiliated party in the supply and/or distribution chain with EQUILINE America and EQUILINE Srl the user and/or purchaser agrees to accept all terms that correspond therewith.  Further, by use or purchase, the user releases from liability and will not find EQUILINE America responsible for (Including but not limited to) injury to the rider, animal participants, or death, including, but not limited to user error, vest malfunction, or any intervening factor.

Florida’s equine liability statute provides that an equine activity sponsor, an equine professional, or any other person shall not be liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. F.S.A.  §773.01-.02. All users and purchasers agree that they understand the Florida law, and the limits and exceptions that it imposes on liability. Use and/or purchase of the product(s) constitutes acceptance of this provision. Such waived liability includes but is not limited to injury due to the user’s negligence and/or knowledge, and intentional acts and/or omissions from any party associated with the sale. The vests are designed to offer additional protection, but in no way warrant or guarantee the user will be fully protected.  Proper care and servicing of the vest is required to maintain product performance.  By no means should a user presume they are fully protected and they must continue to ride responsibly. Any litigation shall follow Florida law and arbitration is the first and only acceptable form. Further, any and all warranty is nullified if the user substitutes components and/or accessories on any AllShot Air Vest(s) to include the CO2 cartridges.  Only branded AllShot accessories are to be used with AllShot vest to maintain proper functioning.



PPE is most effective when it is properly fitted, cared for and serviced.

Air Vests must be fitted properly.

BELAIR and OXAIR fit guide.

Equiline Safety Vest 5

KID fit guide:

Equiline Safety Vest 6

For children ages 6 – 11 y/o and weighing at minimum 37.5 lbs.

The BELAIR may be worn over or under a show coat so long as the coat is made of a material containing at minimum 15% elastane; such as, the EQUILINE Air Vest compatible show coats.

Proper Care:

Do NOT wash in washing machine or submerge in water Spot clean with damp cloth and very mild detergent Do not fold the vest for packing or storage as the D3O back protector needs to remain flat to properly function. If cared for properly the Air Vest is able to withstand multiple explosions; it is highly recommended that the piston be checked and replaced after every 5 explosions.

The Air Vest should be properly examined following every fall and/or explosion to ensure no damage or defect has been caused to the structure of the vest. Every seam should be visually checked, both on the interior and exterior, and all zippers should be carefully inspected. PPE withstands major trauma when it is deployed or when a rider falls, so one must be very careful to inspect the item following incident and destroy and replace any PPE that is damaged as a result of use.


Replacing the CO2 cartridge must be done with extreme care; please see our video instruction guide for proper servicing of cartridges. If stored properly CO2 cartridges can be stored for up to 5 years. An annual check is highly recommended to check that the mass of the cartridge has not varied and that the cartridge is neither rusted nor damaged.To check the mass, weigh the cartridge on a scale and make sure the weight does not vary from the indicated weight by +/- 3%.