X-GLOVE Grip Riding Gloves

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The X-Glove grip riding gloves by Equiline introduce a design that offers comfort and breathability to meet the needs of all riders. Combining technology with touch-screen innovation, these waterproof equestrian gloves are ideal for any season. Made of synthetic leather, the equestrian riding gloves ensure greater adherence distributed through the palm of the hand, thus providing more sensitivity and contact with the horse.

  • X-GLOVE Grip Riding Gloves 1Touch Screen Friendly
  • Easy velcro closure
  • Water Repellant
  • White piping and famous Equiline “triangle” logo 
X-GLOVE Grip Riding Gloves 2Touch screen compatible.
X-GLOVE Grip Riding Gloves 3Breathable fabric.

X-GLOVE Grip Riding Gloves 4

A special fabric treatment to provide perfect waterproofing while maintaining an excellent level of breathability, even in the most unfavorable conditions.
X-GLOVE Grip Riding Gloves 5Elasticized four-way stretch performance fabric offering superior comfort and great freedom of movement while riding.
X-GLOVE Grip Riding Gloves 6Machine wash cold. Max temperature 30°C.
X-GLOVE Grip Riding Gloves 7Do not dry clean.
X-GLOVE Grip Riding Gloves 8No Bleaching. It is important to avoid harsh solvents or stain removers. 
X-GLOVE Grip Riding Gloves 9Do not iron.


*Horse riding gloves should fit like a second skin.