NED - Pony Soundproof Ear Bonnet

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The Pony Equiline multilayer Soundless Ear net (SLE) allows the horse to remain concentrated on its own work avoiding any distraction from environmental noises. SLE is made by 3 layers: the lower and the upper layer are made of allergy-free cotton with a special antibacterial treatment, while the middle layer is made of a technical soundproof material. More comfort and more concentration for a high level performance. 

You can select your own individual cords arrangement.

NED - Pony Soundproof Ear Bonnet 3Multilayered construction: upper and lower layers in hypoallergenic cotton with antibacterial treatment, inner layer in soundproof material to mute ambient noise.
NED - Pony Soundproof Ear Bonnet 5Breathable fabric.
NED - Pony Soundproof Ear Bonnet 7 Machine wash cold.
NED - Pony Soundproof Ear Bonnet 9 Do not dry clean.
NED - Pony Soundproof Ear Bonnet 11 Do not tumble dry.
NED - Pony Soundproof Ear Bonnet 13 No Bleaching. It is important to avoid harsh solvents or stain removers.
NED - Pony Soundproof Ear Bonnet 15 Do not iron.


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