RACK – Men’s Show Coat X-Cool Evo

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Men’s show coat made with X-Cool Evo, the revolutionary fabric by Equiline. This fabric guarantees a tailored fit, freedom of movement and durability. Handmade in Italy, the modern design of the RACK men’s show coat creates a fashionable item for the male rider. Additional features include that this coat is machine washable and water repellent.
  • X-Cool Evo
  • 4-way stretch
  • Machine Washable
  • Water Repellent
RACK - Men's Show Coat X-Cool Evo 3 High-performance fabric that feels great to wear. The extremely breathable and water-repellant X-Cool Evo 4-way stretch fabric ensures perfect ergonomics and freedom of movement. Particularly dedicated to competition apparel.
RACK - Men's Show Coat X-Cool Evo 4 A special fabric treatment to provide perfect waterproofing while maintaining an excellent level of breathability, even in the most unfavorable conditions.
RACK - Men's Show Coat X-Cool Evo 5 Machine washable.
RACK - Men's Show Coat X-Cool Evo 6 Elasticized four-way stretch performance fabric offering superior comfort and great freedom of movement while riding.
RACK - Men's Show Coat X-Cool Evo 7 Machine wash cold. Max temperature 30°C.
RACK - Men's Show Coat X-Cool Evo 8 Do not dry clean.
RACK - Men's Show Coat X-Cool Evo 9 No Bleaching. It is important to avoid harsh solvents or stain removers. Chemicals in these products (i.e. surfactants and enzymes) damage both the base fabric and the X-GRIP system.
RACK - Men's Show Coat X-Cool Evo 10 Do not iron.
RACK - Men's Show Coat X-Cool Evo 11 The oil and conditioner used for the saddle must not contain chemical solvents.


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